Special Projects Coordinator

Deadline: Wed. August 14, 2019 at 11:59pm.

Braata Box & Co. is looking for a Special Projects Coordinator to execute a community-focused content and engagement strategy, lead us in the implementation of key projects and the measurement of KPIs, while making relevant contributions to our small team. 

Braata Box & Co. is a for profit business based in Kingston, Jamaica. Primarily we make gift boxes that incorporate the bespoke creations of local artisans and makers. Our gift boxes are meant to be one of a kind and fill the need for premium gifting solutions in the local market. We think of ourselves as a lifestyle brand that uses aesthetically specific designed content to demarcate our presence in the marketplace. Without our partner makers, our company would not be what it is, we are taking long-held ideas about how we can be more community focused and incorporating them into our strategy. 

The Special Projects Coordinator will take the leading role in creating meaningful, beautiful and enriching experiences that ensure the reach and impact of our mission and brand. We’ve decided to use event and campaign based programming to really connect with our community of makers and with our customers, so as to have the kind of deep relationship that is mutually beneficial on all levels. You’ll get to execute and in some cases co-design the ways that we demonstrate leadership in the area of physical products, consumer packaged goods and ecommerce in Jamaica. 

The ideal candidate for this role is as equally a solidly independent worker as much as they are an excellent collaborator. They thrive in a creative environment and have a firm grasp on their own agency to influence the direction of said creative energy. They know the rigors involved in producing quality events and get satisfaction from a job well done. They don’t have any bandwidth for excuses and rationalizations and are driven by an internal motivation to meet and exceed expectations.

They love what we are building at Braata Box & Co., sees the vision behind our efforts and has confidence in how their contribution adds tremendous value to the work.  They’ll also have enough of a business mind to spot strategic opportunities for heightened ROI.  

This is a full-time position that will report to the CEO. The position must be based out of our office in Kingston, with scope for remote work to be evaluated after an initial incubation period.

What you’ll be doing:  

  • Manage the special projects that are in the pipeline, as of right now, there are 4 of them. These projects are reasonably paced but definitely fully engaging.

  • Designing and implementing the promotion and marketing around said projects.

  • Supervise a team of co-opted designers, project assistants and freelancers as needed to successfully achieve project deliverables.

  • Apply strategic muscle and structure to our projects so we can learn and grow in the most deliberate manner

  • Ensure there is daily/monthly/quarterly analytics reporting for metrics determined to be important to your direct responsibilities.

Your qualifications:

  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience as an event planner, content strategist, project manager, producer (video) or similar role that involves creative production.

  • Love the details that it takes to make works of art

  • Be familiar with Braata Box & Co., e-commerce businesses and actively utilize the internet to learn as much as you can and stay on top of trends in the industry

  • Be a self-possessed yet humble, collaborative and organized team member and leader

  • Have deep and evolving experience with:

    • Project management/coordination (formal training not required, demonstrable prior experience will suffice)

    • Event planning

    • Content creation strategy and SEO

  • Have at least some experience with:

    • Designing processes and procedures, so as to create a blueprint for workflows that encourage coordination and support

    • Design thinking

    • User experience design principles

    • Project management tools (like Trello) and Google Suite

    • Squarespace and WordPress

NB: Please consider applying if you meet 75% of the requirements above. 

Application details:   

Please apply by August 14, 2019. You will be asked to submit a resume, references, and briefly answer the questions below (each in 250 words or fewer). We will review your answers before we look at your resume. 

  1. A part of our mission is to create learning opportunities so individual makers can produce world class products from right here in Jamaica. Using a local brand/entity that you are familiar with, tell us about an evening workshop event (give it a name, description and audience profile) that you would create and invite them to be the guest presenter. For the same brand/entity tell us about another evening workshop event (give it a name, description and audience profile) that you would create and invite them to learn from. These two events should address their brightest strength and their most glaring weakness in your opinion.

  2. Have you ever planned multiple events at the same time? How did you prioritize your time and resources to meet critical deadlines? What worked well? What didn’t? What did you learn?

  3. Who (person, brand, ecommerce business, etc.) has a content or audience engagement strategy that you admire? Why do you like it? What are they doing right? What would you improve or adjust, if anything?

  4. What is something you’d like us to know about yourself that we wouldn’t ordinarily get from a resume?