A Unique Way to Buy Jamaican with ‘Braata Box’


BB-010 copy67Jamaica is known for its dominance in sports, the arts and tourism but on the shelves, ‘Made in China’ and ‘Made in America’ relegate locally-made products to the fringes of undesirable.  However, closer examination reveals that these products are not sub-standard but instead can match and outdo their international competitors in the area of quality.

This was realized from as early as the 1940s when the manufacturing industry in Jamaica emerged out of necessity due to the shortage of basic goods after World War II.  And, Jamaicans are certainly not strangers to the concept of ‘tun yuh hand mek fashion’ which simply translates as ‘be creative and innovative.’

Years later, the manufacturing sector is developed and diversified with high-quality incomparable and worthwhile products.  Yet, a large trade deficit persists, currently standing at US$1,897.1 million according to the latest International Merchandise Trade Bulletin from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN.  In plain terms, Jamaica imports far more than it exports.  

The solution has been a decades-long Buy Jamaican campaign to bolster support for the local manufacturing industry which boasts a catalogue spanning the areas of chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, electric, automotive, food and agro-processing, furniture, wood and basket, metal and minerals, sewing and textiles, printing, packaging and paper products.

From these options, Braata Box, offers, with your subscription, a minimum of five (5) full-sized products, curated monthly in an eco-friendly, post-consumer kraft box.  

Vendors get an opportunity to bypass the shelf competition for brand visibility and awareness and the expenses accrued from store rentals or exposure at fairs and expos.  Instead, vendors skip to an international pass, the potential for sustainable linkages within the diaspora and prospects for export.  Meanwhile, subscribers enjoy glimpses of Jamaica through quality products made by Jamaican materials, by Jamaican entrepreneurs and packaged with the affixed label ‘Made in Jamaica’, one of the world’s most recognized brands.

Notwithstanding, Braata Box is less about patronage and sentiment but about supporting the resilient and hard-working investors of the manufacturing sector that contribute to the country’s GDP, create much-needed jobs, earn millions in exports, provide options for import substitution and contribute billions in taxes to government coffers.

When you partner with Braata Box, whether as a vendor or subscriber, you support ‘Buy Jamaican’ –a gratifying transaction and experience of itself, but you also contribute to the economic resuscitation and growth of Jamaica and that’s braata!