Locally-made, Custom-branded Gifts are Business Gold this Christmas


Without your clients and certain key business partners, you probably wouldn’t have had the kind of business success you’ve experienced this year. It does make sense that you are thinking about how to show them that you really value their participation in your growth and that they mean a lot.

Demonstrating the value of the relationship by giving them a thoughtful representation of appreciation will go a far way in keeping them engaged with your brand and encourage future business.

Whether you're getting a started on the holiday season or just celebrating the end of a project, there are certain gift boxes, comprised of locally made items, that won't break the bank but are still kind gestures that your clients and partners will certainly appreciate.

Depending on volume and product selection, Braata Box corporate gifting options range can begin at $50USD per box. Knowing that you're giving your clients a branded gift they won't forget should be one of your aims for this season’s gift giving. Your clients will never forget your brand, generosity and that you care enough to support other local businesses while you are at it.  

So let’s face it. The holidays are upon us - it is already mid-November, and it is time to get moving. Let us help you put together gifts for your most valued customers and clients. Here’s a suggestion for you, we call it: A Man for This Season 

This gift box is great for the dapper gentleman who can rock a traditional spin. This keepsake wooden box is complete with:

  • Lapel Pin
  • Beard Serum
  • Rustic Coasters
  • Sorrel Jam
  • Madras Neck-tie


Scheduled A Meeting With Us And Lets Help You Put Together The Best Gift For Your Clients


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