Introducing ‘Braata Box’


BB-019 newIt is quite common to hear Jamaican customers asking for ‘brawta’ (‘braata’).  The patois expression is synonymous to ‘a baker’s dozen’ which means ‘bonus’, ‘extra’ or ‘more than expected.’ So what does an eco-friendly, post-consumer kraft box have to do with ‘braata’?  The answer will make you our next subscriber!

The concept of subscription boxes isn’t new as several exist offering products in the lines of beauty, pet items, craft and art, and food.  This subscription box, like any other, offers an assortment of products.  The difference however, is Brand Jamaica –a collection of five to seven high-quality food, household and lifestyle products made by local and medium manufacturers, curated, packaged and delivered to you.

Your experience will be one of tickled fancy and awakened senses as you will see, smell, taste, hear and feel Jamaica by simply opening your Braata Box.

Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, you are guaranteed braata!

  • As a customer, you enjoy a unique experience of Jamaica and a sample of the abundance of quality of Jamaican products.  Braata!
  • As a vendor, you enjoy exposure beyond Jamaican shores and direct linkage with the overseas market. Braata!
  • The marriage of customer subscription and vendor participation yields contributions towards community-based projects. Braata!

Certainly, Braata Box is more than meets the eye and lives up to its name in true form!